Who you gonna call? - An artist of course!

Here at Northern Lights, we often have visitors wondering what the frigg is going on – I don’t blame them, this place is huge and there are so many different people here doing so many different things.

So when we first decided to get the Northern Lights website up-and-running I was pretty keen to get a map or floor plan to make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for, and to understand what we all do! All the plans I had to hand were littered with information that visitors don’t care about at all; like where the fire alarm panels and fuse boxes are.

What we needed was an accessible and informative floor plan with a bit of the heart and soul of the place in it. No meat feat. So who you gonna call? An artist of course!

Lucy Bretherton is and artist an illustrator, amongst many other things. Like most artists, she is very busy and works very hard to make extraordinary things happen – not just here at Northern Lights, where she has been one of The Royal Standard’s volunteer directors for nearly two years – but at The Bluecoat where she teaches, as well as in her own freelance career. You will have seen Lucy’s signwriting and chalkboard work all over Liverpool, and now she has produced this gorgeously detailed illustrated floor plan for Northern Lights’ new website!

Lucy’s next project is Light Blue, an exhibition celebrating our senses.